LOOKING to spruce up your home, update those tired couch cushions or simply invest in one or two key pieces to brighten up your kitchen or bathrooms? Now is the perfect time. With cold, wintry days almost upon us, the seasonal change means you’ll want to spend more time indoors, cocooning with your family, or entertaining special friends.

With lifestyle trends evolving all the time, it’s not always easy to nail your look or freshen up your existing décor. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, or want to be “in the know”, don’t miss The Constantia Village’s upcoming Home Living Showcase in the main centre from 23 to 29 April.
We’ll be exhibiting the latest lifestyle trends and accessories – which are available at the centre – and to whet your appetite, we’ve asked Lynda du Toit, owner of Constantia Interiors, and Jessica Moore, freelance décor and product stylist, to elaborate on some of them.

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V IS FOR VELVET: Velvet is the fabric of the moment. “Velvets are everywhere,” Lynda confirms. Jessica concurs, and says they bring warm, rich accents to a room. “If you are not bold enough to have your main furniture piece covered in velvet, have slip covers made,” she advises.

IN THE PINK: When it comes to colour, all power goes to pink this season. And while various pinks are popular right now, it is blush pink that is in the spotlight. “It can be very strong in a contemporary setting, especially when it is matched with charcoal hues, but it is equally at home in a more traditional setting,” says Lynda.

FLOWER POWER: Florals are very popular with big, bold prints being de rigueur, says Lynda. Protea motifs are also coming through strongly. “The floral patterns are bold and dark, and we are also seeing a lot of tropical leaf patterns,” Jessica adds.

PINE TIME: Pineapple motifs are present in all décor elements, from fabrics to wallpaper, crockery and home accessories, says Lynda. “We are seeing big pineapple motifs on dark backgrounds … it’s a very glamorous and very popular look!” The pineapple design is also trending in fashion, so there is a lot of crossover, confirms Lynda.

LET IT SHINE: Metallics, like rose gold and copper, are still big news this season, says Jessica. “You can add them to most room themes and colour schemes,” she notes.


WOODY NOTES: “Wood is here to stay, whether it is raw, treated, light, dark, old or new,” Jessica notes. “Wood forms part of the neutral colour ‘family’ and blends in perfectly with any colour scheme.”

AU NATUREL: “Raw concrete is very popular, and it combines beautifully with wood for a contemporary look,” Lynda notes. Concrete ceilings are in vogue and limed brick is also coming through. “If you have an old home and can’t create a concrete wall, you can replicate the effect using wallpaper with a concrete design,” she says. “Exposed brick is also very popular,” says Lynda.

PAPER IT OVER: Wallpaper is still big news, confirm both Jessica and Lynda. “It is very popular and we’re seeing geometric designs coming through strongly,” Lynda notes. Wallpaper is also very versatile, says Jessica, as it adds spontaneity and individuality to home décor. “Wallpaper is great if you want to be bold and experiment, and love mixing colours and styles,” she says, “but it’s also perfect for people who are set on one style for a room and invest in wallpaper to complete this style … it becomes an extension of their personality.” Constantia Interiors also custom-make wallpaper, she adds, so you can let your imagination run wild!

COLOUR ME CHARCOAL: In keeping with dark prints and wallpapers, dark walls are still in demand. “Charcoal walls are still defining a lot of interior spaces,” says Lynda, “and they are being beautifully accessorised with large wooden or metal circular mirrors.”

What else is on the décor cards? Ever-popular throws in fake fur or waffle weave, Moroccan-inspired tiles, so-called “subway” tiles, sheer curtaining fabrics and much, much more! Don’t miss our exciting Home Living Showcase in the main centre from 23-29 April. See you there!


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