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Love it or hate it, it’s hard to ignore Valentine’s Day. Whether you buy into the sheer romance of it all or find the commercialism and kitsch paraphernalia a little irritating, the day is almost upon us and love is very much in the air at The Constantia Village.

To celebrate (and help you choose an appropriate gift with which to surprise and delight the special person in your life), we’re displaying wonderful gift ideas outside our stores until Wednesday, 14 February 2018. If you haven’t given it any thought yet, and you don’t want to land in hot water or the dog box, we have a wide selection to suit your mood and your pocket.


While you might have a good idea of who your true Valentine is, who was the person after whom the day is named? You might well ask because the answer is not straightforward.

Valentine of Rome was a martyr and Christian priest who was executed in the third century. Apparently, he believed in love and continued to conduct weddings for Roman soldiers against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II – who didn’t want his hardy men of war to succumb to love and marriage. One version of the story reveals that after he was jailed, Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter and, just before he was executed, he wrote her a letter and signed it “from your Valentine”.

But a different account claims that Valentine was in fact the Bishop of Terni, who was also beheaded by Claudius II. Were they one and the same Valentine? One of the martyred Valentines was originally venerated by the Roman Catholic Church, but this was discontinued in the late 1960s although he is still a recognised saint. We celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14 February as the day originated as a Christian feast day honouring one or more of the early saints … named Valentinus.

Today it is universally recognised as a day of love and romance – that may well lead to matrimony! Away with you, Claudius II!


Even if you don’t buy into the idea, it is always a good reason to show the important person in your life how much they mean to you. And don’t we all need a break from our Water Woes?! Here are some ideas ….

  • Flowers are always a winner, and it’s not only women who love receiving them. Pop into Constantia Florist and order a unique arrangement, or buy an exquisite bunch of roses or other blooms at Woolworths, Pick n Pay or Alphen Kwikspar … there are also lovely pot plants (look for the heart-shaped ones or those in red or white containers) or trendy hanging succulents that shout: “This is Love!” If you’re unsure of what to choose and don’t want to say it with roses, there is nothing that gently but elegantly says “I want to spoil you” like a beautiful, exotic orchid.
  • Chocolates also do the trick, every single time, but just make sure they’re the luxurious, sensual kind. Spoiling is the order of the day.
  • If you want something everlasting, browse through the poetry or biography section at Exclusive Books. You’re looking for something that spells true love, or buy a good, solid romance novel or spice things up with something from the erotic literature shelf … what have you got to lose?
  • Then there are the very obvious items, the more intimate ones, like a beautiful, matching set of lingerie or sexy jocks …
  • Don’t forget that diamonds are always a girl’s best friend, especially on Valentine’s Day – the perfect day to pop the big question! Peter Gilder and his team from Peter Gilder Jewellery are on hand to show you an exquisite piece to suit your price range.
  • Sensual body butters (think The Body Shop) or lovely cosmetics (Red Square by Edgars) will set the tone for the evening, as will a beautiful bottle of perfume (My Perfume Shop, Truworths, The Body Shop, Red Square by Edgars).
  • If Valentine’s Day is bringing out your inner Shakespeare and you want to pen your own love sonnet, Waltons, with its papers, paints and pens, is your port of call. Or pick a card from Cardies or Exclusive Books which echoes your sentiments …
  • Indulge the love of your life (or the potential chosen one!) with a spa treatment voucher at Yemaya or Yanmei’s Professional Massage and Beauty Salon (both in The Old Village), ManiPedi or Deluxe Laser & Spa in the main centre.



Most couples love to make an evening of it … and it’s not too late to book a table at one of our restaurants in The Old Village, namely Primi Piatti, The Raj, Cattle Baron Grill Room, or Tashas, just outside the main centre, to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

If you want to opt for the unusual, buy picnic goodies from the deli or sushi sections of our food stores or Cassis Paris and a bottle of bubbly or wine (or the trendy kid on the block, a beautiful bottle of gin infused with African botanicals) from the wine sections or Pick n Pay Liquors (at The Old Village) for your romantic sundowners at the beach or seaside picnic as the sun sets. You will also find the perfect picnic accessories at Cape Union Mart.

This could be the start of many more romantic rendez-vous or simply a sweet and sincere validation of your commitment to your one and only! And if you don’t have a romantic someone to spoil, buy something special (even if it’s small) for someone you love.


Happy Valentines Day!

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