(13 November 2017, Cape Town). The young and talented Rwandan car guard turned artist, Erick Karangwa, will host his fourth solo art exhibition at the Constantia Village Shopping Centre on from Monday, 27 November to Friday, 1 December 2017. He’s presenting his new collection after spending much of the past year exploring the Cape’s many stunning vistas, focusing on fresh scenery while experimenting with new and exciting techniques.

“I am learning more and more everyday about being a landscape artist. The Cape’s mountains, the ocean, forests and rivers are in abundance and so different from one another that I can’t get bored exploring this beautiful city. I want to paint everything I see. My new collection of paintings, is an exciting reflection of my love for the stunning nature we have right on our doorstep,” says Karangwa.

Karangwa started working as a car guard when he got to South Africa in 2004. Every day, he would admire the art inside the Carmel Art gallery at the Constantia Village Shopping Centre. Every night, he would work to improve his own painting technique. The one painting he admired most was a landscape done by his favourite artist, Andrew Cooper.

“I had never seen someone paint like that. I’d never touched a brush before, but when I saw Andrew’s work, I had to,” Karangwa said. Karangwa grew up next door to a man who attended art school. Each day he would stop by his neighbour’s house to watch him sketch before coming home.

“My parents used to get so mad and ask, ‘Why are you so late from school again?” Karangwa said. When his family lived in refugee camps from 1994 to 1996, he found artists there and watched them work. After landing in Cape Town, Karangwa became a car guard to feed himself.

“As a foreigner, you take anything you can get, “he said. “My brother and I came to South Africa alone, no family to support us. I didn’t like the work, and I eventually want to leave it, but it’s the only way I can achieve my dream of being a professional artist.”

In 2013, Karangwa brought a portrait he painted of Nelson Mandela to the shopping centre management. They offered him a spot inside the centre to have his first ever exhibition. He sold three landscape paintings in three days.

The exhibition opens on Monday, 27 November at 9am and runs every day until 5pm until Friday, 1 December at the Constantia Village Shopping Centre. Entry is free. For more information, visit “Erick Fine Arts” on Facebook.


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