KNOW your barista from your crema and your Americano from your latte? If you do, you’re probably something of a coffee aficionado. But even if you’re not big on the lingo but simply enjoy an excellent latte or cappuccino, The Constantia Village is the place to be from 26 to 30 September.

We’ll be celebrating this popular beverage – and National Coffee Day on 29 September – together with our coffee tenants and treating customers to a wonderful Discover Coffee extravaganza. What’s more, there’s a special gift-with-purchase to be had, too!

Come lounge with us

Explore the world of coffee in comfort during our Discover Coffee week:

* First up: Collect the informative coffee booklet from our Information desk in the main centre detailing the ins and outs of coffee, its origins and our coffee tenants’ unique take on the beverage;

* Relax with your brew or coffee of choice in the stylish coffee lounges throughout the centre during our Discover Coffee promotion;

* Receive a sticker every time you buy a coffee or a related product, from our participating tenants. Stick it into your booklet and once you have three, you stand a chance of claiming your free gift: a covetable glass Kooshty Kup with a silicone lid that’s perfect for keeping your coffee warm while you’re on-the-go. Please note: we have 500 kups and they will be given away on a first come, first served basis.

* Prepare to be spoilt for choice – our participating stores are:

– Kauai

– Le Creuset

– Ma Cherie

– Mugg & Bean

– Pick ‘n Pay

– Primi Piatti

– Vida e Caffe

– Seattle Coffee Company

– Woolworths

Discover Coffee At The Constantia Village

Craving coffee – what’s it all about?

Coffee is one of the most popular and fashionable beverages in the world today. Legend has it that it was first discovered in Ethiopia in the 9th century when goat herders noticed their animals getting a second lease on life after eating raw coffee berries!

A monk then used the berries to make a brew which gave him sleepless nights thanks to the caffeine. Or so the story goes! In any event, coffee trees first grew in the Ethiopian province of Kaffa, hence the name coffee.

Ethiopia is still one of the biggest producers of coffee in Africa, along with other coffee producers. Many of these form a belt around the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. These include Brazil (the leader of the pack), Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, Rwanda, Sumatra, Colombia, Peru, Honduras and Guatemala.

But coffee’s reach is wide: The Global Exchange estimates there are over 25 million farmers in more than 50 countries involved in coffee-bean production, making it the second most traded commodity on earth.

From bean to brew

So how does a berry evolve into your favourite espresso or latte with its particular flavour and body? The journey from bean to brew is involved and intriguing!

Coffee trees produce fruit called cherries. The beans are the pit of those cherries. The cherries are harvested and the pit is separated from the fruit and dried before being shipped for roasting and selling.

Each coffee region produces beans with their own personality: for example, Brazilian beans have a nutty, spicy aroma and caramel notes, beans from Papua New Guinea have a semi-sweet chocolate aroma with a cocoa flavour, while those from Guatemala have a tart aroma and a lightly fruity flavour.

There are only two types of beans used to produce coffee, namely Arabica and Robusta, with Arabica being the more popular by far. Espresso, the base of most coffee drinks, is made when boiling water is forced through compacted, finely ground coffee beans under high pressure.

Discover coffee at The Constantia Village

There’s no excuse: come in for the perfect cuppa during our Discover Coffee week from 26-30 September. Put your palate to the test with different blends and brews or stick to your old favourite. We know you won’t be disappointed.

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