Have you registered for the K-Way VOB Constantia Village Road Race yet?

On 11 March the whole family can join in the fun, whether you take part in the 15 km Road Race, 15 km League Walk, 5 km Fun Run or simply come along as a supporter.


When you stop by at Constantia Village, you might want to check out the latest in fitness essentials at our Get Set, Feel Good Expo, running from 4 to 11 March.

Although the most essential item for any runner is a good pair of running shoes, why not consider some other great products to boost your running enjoyment. Coach Kathleen from Active4Life () shares her top 10 race day essentials with us!


  1. Moisture management shirt. Moisture management fabrics are designed to move sweat away from your skin and to the outside of the fabric where it can evaporate. The fabric is very light and keeps you feeling cool, dry and fresh, even on the hottest of South African days. No more sweat soaked cotton tees!


  1. For blister prevention, you want a sock that is seamless, breathable, moisture wicking and snug fitting. Some socks are even made of a slightly elasticated material so that the sock does not slide around and can expand as your feet swell in a race.


  1. High impact sports bra. Ladies, this essential definitely needs to be high on your priority list. Once again, you want to go for a fabric that stays reasonably dry and a fit that is seamless and snug to prevent chafing.


  1. Anti-chafe lubricant. Sweat and friction can be a painful combination on the skin! If you don’t want to finish the race looking like you have been in gladiator wars (think of those sensitive areas; inner thighs, underarms, etc.), then it is worth investing in an anti-chafe product. Fabric plasters and petroleum jelly work great too.


  1. Reflective belt or running light. The majority of runners train in the early mornings or late evenings and so often do all or part of their running in the dark. We are often not that aware of motorists, especially when chatting or speeding along in ‘the zone’, so it’s best to make motorists aware of you first.


  1. Foam roller. These are one of the niftiest home massage tools ever invented: Perfect for recovery. They come in a variety of sizes including ones small enough to fit into a travel bag.


  1. Running sunglasses. This is probably the only luxury item on the list, but one that is definitely worth buying as a special spoil. If you are a frequent runner, your eyes take a lot of strain not only from the sun, but also from the wind. Wearing sunglasses also creates an illusion of it being cooler than it actually is and helps you keep your game face on. Look for a pair that has grippers on the ears and nose, making sure they sit secure no matter how much your head bounces around.


  1. Sports watch. As you progress with your running, you will want to start improving your time. For most, a basic digital watch with a stopwatch will do. For those wanting more feedback, there are smart GPS watches that can do everything from tracking distance and heart rate to almost landing a helicopter. Check with seasoned runners which functions they experience to be most useful as well as how long the battery life is, especially if planning some long endurance runs.


  1. These are a winner in winter. Most of our heat is lost through our hands and head. Gloves help you to stay warm without the need to wear thick bulky tops, which will most likely leave you feeling too warm.


  1. Buffs are nifty bits of material that can be used as a beanie, neck scarf or ear warmer. A great complement to a pair of gloves to keep heat escaping from your head!


Happy shopping and remember to run, laugh and live on your road to victory.


Coach Kathleen



With over 12 years of coaching experience and 30 years’ competitive athletic experience, Coach Kathleen offers customised training programmes designed to suit each runner’s individual needs. Check out her website at www.active4life.co.za for more info.


Join the excitement of our annual Constantia Village K-Way Road Race and pre-enter at Cape Union Mart on 4 March(cash only) or 9 and 10 March between 10 am and 3 pm. Limited entries will also be available on race day before the race from 5 to 6 am.

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