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What gives a restaurant ‘heart’? Is it the warm welcome as you step through the doors, or the attention to detail when preparing and plating a delectable dish? To find the answer, we had a heart to heart with the managers and owners of some of our restaurants.

Excellent, time after time

“Quality, excellent customer service and consistency in adhering to high standards is our winning recipe,” says owner of The Cattle Baron Grill House, Victor Deiner. “And our superb cuts of meat, grilled to perfection, of course.” Deiner says the restaurant staff is part of the family. Even though the hours are long, their loyalty is outstanding. “Our whole team works together to ensure only the best dining experience for guests. It makes me as an owner and manager very proud.”

With its welcoming atmosphere, great service and delicious food at an affordable price, it’s no wonder guests return to The Cattle Baron Grill House again and again.


Generosity in abundance

When hearty meals, big flavours and generous portions come to  mind, The Constantia Village’s Mugg & Bean stands out. “Our staff members are so motivated, friendly and hardworking,” says manager Ian Bredenkamp. “It’s an absolute pleasure to work with people who have such a positive attitude. What sets us apart is our exciting, ever-changing menu, and the fact that we open earlier than other restaurants.”

The Constantia Village Mugg & Bean is situated in a sunlit courtyard, where the aroma of roasting coffee beans, baked treats and fresh flavours fill the air, making it the ideal breakfast-brunch-lunch-and-dinner spot.


Tradition meets passion

Pizza Fair is where tradition and rock-solid values come together. “We are proud to be one of the longest serving eateries at The Constantia Village,” says owner Antony Urbaniak. When Antony talks about his staff, he describes them as the pillars of the restaurant – a family business that has been perfecting woodfired pizzas since 1991. “Our staff members are so dedicated; most of them have worked here for a long time. They make this place a success.”

Pizza Fair defines itself in three words; expertise, value and simplicity. “Our delicious freshly-made pizzas, pastas and ribs are absolutely delicious, and the convenience of our takeaway service is a winner.”

Whether you’re staying in, or dining out, if it’s great tastes you’re after, Pizza Fair is just the place.


Work really is love made visible

Primi’s famous saying, “work is love made visible”, is more than just a print on the restaurant staff’s T-shirts. Each member of the team brings energy and enthusiasm to the table, which makes customers smile and creates a great vibe. “Family, friendly service and Fast Way of cooking form the basis of who we are, and it is a privilege to be part of it,” says Manager Lufefe Mdethe

The vibrant, bustling ambience, combined with flavourful food and great service make Primi a favourite among locals and tourists.


Superb food in a stylish setting

“Think, for a moment, of your favourite things – the feel-good indulgences that make for stand-out days. Mine are food, people and interiors. I believe that memorable moments are made with beautiful meals, engagingly delivered in exquisite environments. At tashas we strive to bring all of these things together for you to enjoy.”

Together, the team strives to deliver the best service, and create dishes that surprise and delight the senses. Tashas at The Constantia Village is known for its outstanding level of hospitality and exquisite culinary creations – complemented by a stunning view of the mountains. “The dedication of our staff makes it a treat to come to work every day,” says Owner Aki Agyrou. “This is proof that Tashas is in every detail.”


Authentic cuisine

Authentic Indian cuisine is an art. The team behind The Raj pride themselves on their chefs, who bring knowledge and cooking skills from their home country. The Raj brings the exotic flavours of India to the Southern Suburbs, something that was lacking for a long time,” says manager Zane Beer. “We’re always pushing the boundaries, learning about new methods and educating customers about Indian-inspired food; it’s what makes this restaurant unique.” The Raj at The Constantia Village welcomes regulars and new customers to discover the true taste of India.


After all is considered, it is clear that the heart of a restaurant is its people – loyal staff that work with a love for customers, customers who make it all worth while, and a custodian that appreciates and cares about it all.


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